Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Post #6:Teaching the Modified Blizzard Fold at SDBA

Good day and welcome to my sixth post on Wednesday. Today I would like to share some pictures from a recent workshop I taught. It was lots of fun teaching a group of San Diego Book Arts members how to make a Hedi Kyle Blizzard Fold book. We then changed some of the folds to make a box structure that I developed several years ago. I call it the Modified Blizzard Fold. I have since discovered another modification that you are welcome to try as well. One of these days I will make a video of the folding process so stay tuned for that.

Please check out the pictures Joan Crone took of the group as we folded our books. It was a pleasure to teach and learn from everyone. Enjoy!


 Here are some of the supplies we used to color and decorate our paper before folding.

 Yvonne is folding in the foreground while I sit back and explain the next fold.

 Sara and Sibyl are busy popping open their boxes.

 Britta inspects her work.

 Sara makes a box.

 Showing Pam how to get the box to "pop."

 Helping Kathy get the box to close properly.

 Pam and Sari look at the interaction of structure and design.

 Sibyl inspects her work.

Sara with her model fully open.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday Post #5: Topographic Altered Artist Books

Welcome to a new month and a new post. Today I would like to share some pictures of my topographic books. I have been a book artist for about 13 years and recently I started making sculptural books based on topographic maps. I "carve" the books page by page to leave a landscape behind. Sometimes hidden lines and text come out and make the pieces more than what I intented them to be. Several of these books have been juried into art galleries or university shows.



My first foray into topographic book arts was a Library Card Catalog traveling exhibit. I used the positive and negative pieces to make 2 complimentary books.

 Closeup of Mesa Tables.

Here is "Mesa Tables." I only carved the right side of the book of pipe tables into a mesa formation. Hence the name of the piece.

I made this box of treats for my mom. The very tiny carved book is a river flow in reverse. I also made the very tiny box in the lower right.

Here is another boxed art piece with the reverse of a mountain carved into a small German book. I love the way the beach rock mimics the shape of the topographic book.

This is my most recent carved book. It is an old german book that I carved into a table mountain. I think the rock in the center perfectly matches the antique marbled paper revealed once the pages are carved away.