Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Post #15: Origami and Kumi Korf workshops

I have been very busy the last two weekends making paper art. First, the San Diego Origami Club met and we learned to make this wonderful box structure. Last weekend I participated in two Kumi Korf workshops. The first workshop was a whirlwind of 5 book/box structures. The second was a kinetic book structure that is housed in a lovely box. I am still finishing up the second workshop projects, but it was a wonderful weekend and my head is now swimming with ideas. Below are some pictures of what I made as well as the diagram I created for the origami box structure. I hope you enjoy.


Origami Box

Instructions for the folded box

Kumi Korf Workshop book

Another Kumi Korf workshop structure.

The outside of this structure.

"Hole in My Heart" structure. I still need to cover the top and bottom sections with decorative paper.

Configuration 1 of the above structure. Slots will house small books.

Configuration 2 of the above structure. I can't wait to finish.

I would like to thank Kumi for sharing her talents, humor and amazing structures with the participants of this San Diego Book Arts workshop.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Post #14: Juried Show Entries

Its a Wednesday post on Wednesday, woohoo! I have been working hard the last few weeks preparing books for several juried shows around the country. I got my altered books photographed and electronically mailed into the Bound-Unbound III show at the University of South Dakota. I was fortunate enough to have three books in their Bound-Unbound II show, so I am hoping they will accept one or more this time as well.

Puget Sound Book Arts is having their member show in the summer, but books are being selected by a jury starting March 1 so I needed something to submit for that too. Below are pictures of a new book called Tine Language using the flag book structure, invented by Hedi Kyle. I cut out forks from cardstock using my baby fork as a template. Then I bent and glued the tines as needed to create a version of the American Sign Language manual alphabet. I like the interplay of the shapes in this structure.

The third juried show I plan to enter is called Hello Hedi. It is being hosted by 23 Sandy Gallery and as Hedi Kyle is my favorite book artist and I love her structures I must try to get into this show. I needed different books for each of these shows as they are all happening simultaneously. So I have been very busy as you can see below. I will let you know if I am fortunate enough to get juried into any of these shows. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Stone Mountain, GA, by Gina Pisello (altered book)

Tine Language, by Gina Pisello (ASL alphabet flag book)

Side view of Tine Language

Edna's Travels, by Gina Pisello (Hedi Kyle envelope book structure)