Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Modified Blizzard Fold Pinwheel Structure

I would like to share a model today that I invented based on Hedi Kyle's Blizzard Fold book (instructions are given in the Penland Book of Handmade Books). I was playing around with the folds and wondered what would happen if I folded every other triangle fold back instead of forward as you do in her model. The result was 4 little niches with roofs and floors. I then manipulated this linear structure and realized that if I turned it in on itself I could create a pinwheel design and a book in the round. Below are step by step pictures with descriptions for how to fold this structure. I hope you will try it and come up with interesting uses for this wonderful design. Thanks for stopping by.


 Step 1: Start by folding a piece of paper measuring 6 x 24 inches into 16 equal parts (ie. accordion fold the length of the paper). Then with the accordion folded up, fold down the top and bottom corners to form triangles like you see in the picture above.

Step 2: Repeat the triangle fold for each mountain fold (page) of the structure.

Step 3: Here is where my model diverges from Hedi Kyle's. Unfold all of the triangle folds made above and reverse fold the first one on the mountain fold as shown above.

Step 4: Unfold the next mountain fold, making it a valley fold and fold the triangles toward you. Your model should look like the picture above.

Step 5: Keep the next mountain fold and fold the triangles to the back of the structure. Repeat this process, first folding the triangles towards you then unfolding the next mountain fold and folding the triangles to the back until you reach the end of the paper.

Step 6: Your model should look like the picture above. The one below gives a different angle showing the triangle folds going back and forth.

Step 7: Close up the model along the valley folds and mountain folds. Notice that the structure is now twice as wide. That is because we opened up every other mountain fold in the previous steps.

Step 8: Now we return to the Blizzard Fold and starting with the first page fold the triangle sections into the middle of the pages. 

Step 9: The next set of triangles is on the back side of the model. Fold them in as shown above.

Step 10: Continue folding in the triangles at the back and front of the accordion folds, tucking in and folding along existing lines. Use the pictures to help you get your model working.

This picture shows the triangle flaps being folded in on the second page.

Here is the model with the first and second pages and their triangles folded in. Note how the rest of the model looks at this stage.

The third set of triangles are now folded up.

Here is the other side of the model at this stage.

The forth set of triangles are now folded up and the folding is complete.

This is the model from the other side. At this point you can use the model as a linear structure. It has these 4 niches on one side and 3 on the other. Or you can proceed and get the pinwheel pictured below.

Step 11: If you want to turn the model into a self closing pinwheel structure make sure the model has the side with 4 niches facing you. Grab the first and last page and pull them towards each other, but away from you and the niches will open out to form the structure you see above and below. 

Step 12: To get the model to stay in this open position, take the triangle tabs from the last page and fold them over the triangle tabs on the first page (shown in the picture above on the left).

Here I have turned the model into an artist's book using paper threads to represent waves. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Graphic 45 Mini Albums

Wednesday came and went in a flurry of laundry, art salon get together and child care. So I am doing a Thursday post instead. I have been very busy making two "mini" albums and the results are pictured below. The first album is inspired by Anne's Paper Creations. She creates astounding albums, cards and other paper creations and then makes videos so us mere mortals can follow along. I made some changes to her album, but used four of her pages that I really loved from the Graphic 45 Eerie Tales collection. I left lots of blank space for my kids 18 years of Halloween pictures.

The second album I finished was based on Kathy Orta's Foto Folios 2 collection. This one is style 3, the genealogy folio. I used Graphic 45 papers from Raining Cats and Dogs, Communique, Transatlantique, and ABC Primer. I plan to put travel, pet, and school pictures in this album. I think the different collections work well together. How about you?

Eerie Tales Album

Foto Folio 2 Style 3

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Post #13 part 2: Glove Books

I thought I would share some of my other glove books. Yes, I have made more than one glove book in my career. I love collecting vintage gloves and some of them just want to become book covers while others want to be the book. I hope you like the selection.

Clasped Hands is a book made entirely of gloves.

A is for Other, an ASL ABC was juried into the San Diego Book Arts National Juried Show in 2010. It also won entry into the Cannon Art Gallery 2011 Juried Biennial.

Woven pages of Graphic 45 paper adorn these lovely pink gloves.

These long gloves were perfect for a wedding guest book. Somerset Weddings Magazine agreed and showed this book in their 2007 edition.

Three glove books I made for a Graphic 45 Design Team tryout in 2014.

Grecian Fragments was juried into the Athenaeum's 6th Juried Artist's Book Biennial.

Inside Grecian Fragments, a poem about falling apart and remaining strong at the core.

Wednesday Post #13: San Diego Book Arts Member Show Entry

I am finally posting something on a Wednesday, hurray!! Happy New Year and welcome to another blog post about saving ideas and letting them ferment until they become something interesting. I have tried many, many times to create a book using the pair of pink gloves pictured below. I even had the signatures sewn in at one point, only to remove them and start again. I tried watercolor, cut paper, dried flowers, having paper poke through from one page to another and nothing felt or looked right. Last night I was thinking about the theme for this year's San Diego Book Arts Member Show (Cerchez la Femme) and thought of this book again. I think the egg in the center of the cupped hands works as a nod to fertility and the paper butterfly emerging speaks to new life. I am finally happy with the pink glove book. I may refine the look over the next few months, or even add something to the pages, but for now I am just happy to be on the right track with a book that has been sitting in a drawer for years; waiting to be used.