Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Vector Analysis" Altered Book: part 2

After consulting with a couple of artist friends (Thanks Mom and Bhavna for the advice.) I decided the altered book I blogged about two weeks ago needed something more to make it complete. First, I added paper from one of the original book pages to the spine area to cover up the dark brown. Then I had an epiphany one night and realized I could make a spiral to fit into the spine. I worked on a prototype and it fit! So I made a few more using strips from the book's pages. In the end I needed 7 pages or 56 inches of length to make a spiral that measured 9 inches long. Below are pictures of the strips being folded with before and after pictures of the altered book.



The strip on the left was the prototype. I unfolded it so I could repeat all the measurements and scoring in the correct orientation.

Here are the first 5 strips creased.

Before the spine was decorated.

How the spine looks now. The center spiral is really 7 small spirals joined together.

Before the spiral.

After the spiral was added.

More views showing how all the spirals interact.

Before the spiral.

After the spiral was added.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Piano Hinge Book Workshop

I am excited to be teaching another Basic Book Arts workshop through San Diego Book Arts in May. It isn't up on the website yet, but I have been making samples this week and want to give you a sneak peek. I will be teaching two books; Moon Phases and Blue Kingfisher. The kingfisher book took a bit of work to get just right, but I love the colors and think it works well with the binding structure. I hope some of you can attend the class.



Blue Kingfisher

Moon Phases - closed.

Moon Phases - open.

Scraps from cutting the pages of the kingfisher book.

Templates for the kingfisher book.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Altered in 2017

I am starting the new year with an altered book. I removed the pages from a 1957 textbook called Vector Analysis and turned some of the pages (with good illustrations) into spiral origami delights. I was guided by Tomoko Fuse's book Spiral and thought the shape of these objects worked well with the title and content of the original book. What do you think?



Altered Vector Analysis by Gina Pisello.

Top view of spirals.

Front view of the book. I used 3 different sizes of paper to create the spirals.

Book partially closed.

Tomoko Fuse's excellent book.

Samples of the helices I used in the altered book.