Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I have been playing around with the twist fold for a few days and came up with this paper sculpture in the process. I call it Crossroads. I hope you like it.

Basic twist fold from square paper.

2 strips of vintage Japanese ledger paper are folded.

Stencils made from Japanese and western paper.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Artist's Book Mantra

I want to share my method for creating a new artist's book. I don't always do it this way, but often I do and maybe you do too...

Idea: What if I make a book using the twist fold, but connect four of them together on a single concertina folded sheet of paper?

Inspiration: For content, I remember Hedi Kyle showing us her insect stencils last weekend. I was expecting them to be clear plastic stencils with bugs cut out. On the contrary, they were pieces of blue paper that bugs had eaten into forming irregular and shifting shapes. I have some old Japanese books here in the studio that are riddled with insect trails. I grabbed one and used four
consecutive pages. The stencils change over the pages in interesting and random ways.

Mantra: Keep it simple!

Materials: Choosing materials usually comes down to what I have handy in the studio and today I chose a piece of hand made abaca paper (from Helen Hiebert) and some tracing paper that I colored with alcohol inks a while ago. I used soft wax crayons (by Tim Holtz) on the stencils and here are the results.


Pages from old Japanese book with the insect trails I used in this piece.

Inked and stenciled pages before insertion. 
Note how the insect tracks change over the four pages.

Abaca paper with creases.

Starting to fold up the paper.

Twist folds complete.

Folds flattened.

Pages inserted.

Book backlit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hedi Kyle Workshop at SF Center for the Book

I spent a magical weekend in San Francisco at the Center for the Book making folded structures with Hedi Kyle, 15 students and 4 SFCB instructors who were Hedi's assistants. We created a dozen or so structures and added content to several. Hedi was engaging and patient; pacing the class so that everyone could successfully make each book, folder or flexagon. Here are some pictures of my pieces.



Stenciled Flexagon

Belt fold around slat book and other books beneath.

Pink book was passed around class and everyone decorated a page.

Fishbone fold inside diagonal pocket folder. Blue book is a needle book. 

Sling Fold book open, with stenciled ovals and text.

Lots of letter folds and the needle case on the left.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Teaching in Tacoma

I was privileged to teach The Road to Spring to nine Puget Sound Book Artists last weekend in Tacoma, WA. We spent 3 hours together creating folded map books from Strathmore charcoal paper. I really enjoyed sharing this structure I invented from the Turkish map fold and the Hungarian map fold. Pictured below are the participants (with the exception of MalPina) and their work.



Deb, Don, Kathy and Mary

Carole, Michelle, Lynn and Kathy