Friday, July 31, 2015

The Road to Spring Crease Patterns

I realized after my last post that some of you might want to make the book structure I invented for The Road to Spring. Here are the crease patterns for the modified Turkish Map Fold as well as Kathy's invented insert. Enjoy.


Crease pattern for Turkish Map Fold with modification.

Crease pattern for text inserts. (aka Hungarian Map Fold)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Road to Spring

I made a new book this week using techniques learned in Jill Berry's class (Intimate Atlas) and from fellow origami enthusiast Kathy Linsley's variations on the Turkish Map Fold. I call it The Road to Spring. It is a story about my childhood family's trip every spring from New York to Birmingham, AL where we visited our maternal grandparents. We often drove from lingering winter into spring weather and I was always fascinated to watch the snow melt away and the flowers appear on the two day drive. I hope you like the structure I created and the pictures of my process.


List of supplies:
Higgins Indigo ink- watered down
Tim Holtz Ranger dye inks: mown lawn, peacock feathers, broken glass, brushed corduroy, antique linen, and mustard seed
Tim Holtz Distress Markers in the same colors as above
Arches Text Wove paper- 5 x 25 1/4 inches

The Road to Spring by Gina Pisello

Dripping ink to make a quick road map.

Coloring the background with Distress Inks.

Cutting and folding the paper into 5 pages.

The next step in the Turkish Map Fold (the water bomb base).

Finally all 5 pages are folded into the standard Turkish Map Fold.

These 5 pages, also 5 x 5 inches, contain our route south as well as the story of our trip.

I folded these pages into a complimentary form that Kathy Linsley invented so that they nest inside of the Turkish Map fold. She modified the Turkish fold as well with an extra fold on the center seam.

The finished book from the top. It made this nice circular form when it was done.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Teaching the Pocket Book Structure

I recently taught my version of Hedi Kyle's Pocket Book structure to members of Puget Sound Book Arts and San Diego Book Arts. I designed this method of folding a pocket book after seeing a picture of Hedi Kyle's structure on Pinterest. Participants learned how to fold the structure from a long sheet of paper and then create a cover using cardstock weight paper. We had a great time in each class and I really enjoyed teaching this versatile book form.

Here are some pictures from the classes and a link here for my blog post showing step by step photographs of how to fold this structure so you can try it too. Enjoy!

Pocket Book Sample

Students in my Puget Sound Book Arts class in April

Finished pocket book.

Pocket Book class with San Diego Book Arts students.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tiny Book Necklaces

Tiny origami crane book measuring 1 x 3/4 inches. Folded from tracing paper colored with alcohol inks.

I started making book necklaces back in 2004 when I was working at a craft fair and wanted something to do during down time. I made hardcover, maze fold books like the one below and sold them at the fair. Later I made coordinating books and boxes to sell as well. 

I decided to make some new mini book necklaces to wear each day of FOBA.  I got to work last month and made the books shown below. They are each approximately 1 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide. The crane book at the top of this post is my favorite and the hardest one to make.  I got lots of positive comments on the necklaces at Focus on Book Arts and I hope you like them too.

Envelope fold pocket book with glassine covers.

Inside of this book showing pockets with handmade marble paper inside.

Hedi Kyle Blizzard fold book made from vintage map.

Map book open.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FOBA and Other Trips

I have not posted in a while and now I have a back log of posts to write. So... I will try to work backwards from the present and catch you up on what has been happening in my corner of the paper and book arts worlds.

First up is my trip to FOBA (Focus on Book Arts). I attended this wonderful event for the first time in late June and had a great experience. The conference was well organized, full of enthusiastic participants and overflowing with great teachers. I met so many book artists that I hope I will be able to stay in touch with. My class was taught by Jill Berry and you can see pictures below of the book we made. The class was called An Intimate Atlas and it was all that and more! Thanks Jill for a wonderful class.

While I was in Portland for FOBA there was also a talk by Hedi Kyle, a person I greatly admire and have never met before.  I did get to introduce myself to her briefly and thank her for all the inspiration she has provided over the years. I also attended the artists' reception at 23 Sandy Gallery and got to see all the lovely books up close. I met several of the other artists in the show and we bonded over our love of Hedi's structures. There was even a table of her (Hedi's) sample books at the show that we could touch and try to figure out. All in all it was a wonderful trip and an experience I will remember for many years.

Enjoy the pictures of my FOBA experience.


An Intimate Atlas - book designed by Jill Berry and executed by me.

Page 1 "My Head"

Pages 3 and 4 shown folded into their turkish map fold shapes.

Pages 3-4 closed up and encased in their black paper gate fold binding.

The back of one map page showing the random lines we made using dripped walnut ink. Color was added with Twinkling H2O's and watercolor.

Hedi Kyle sample of a map accordion folded and fishbone folded at the same time! Amazing structure.

Hedi Kyle Map book closed showing her belt fold closure. You can find directions for this closure in Preservation Enclosures by Hedi Kyle

Me with my book Lost River at 23 Sandy Gallery.