Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mixed Media Book Covers

Today's post is a blast from my past. I was recently visiting my mom and she showed me a set of collaged vintage book covers I made her several years ago. I had forgotten about them, but was inspired to make myself a set. Mine are wrapped in a packet and contain poems about birds. Please see pictures below for materials and the finished project that was inspired by an article from Somerset Studio called Poetic Packet Collages.

This post is also inspired by Mixed Media World challenge #3. I used vintage book covers, stamps, maps, and images from old dress patterns to make the covers. Enjoy, I'm off to the studio to make more!


Finished Packet

Contents of the packet; front and back covers with collage elements and poems on tracing paper.

Component 1: Vintage dress pattern images.

Component 2: Vintage book covers.

Component 3: Maps, marbled paper, etc.

Component 4: Vintage stamps and samples of marbled paper.

Component 5:Tracing paper with topographic lines in pencil to add depth to the packet wrapper.