Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Post #3: My Map Art

Today I would like to share with you some of the map art I made about a year ago. I was obsessed with vintage maps and atlases; the kind you can pick up at local estate sales or second hand book stores for a few dollars. I was fascinated by the colors, lines and differences between maps from 30 or 40 years ago and now. I cut folded, layered, and reshaped them to fit the projects I wanted to create. I hope you enjoy this little tour of my map art. Thanks for stopping by.


 "Edna's Travels" is an artist's book made of envelopes and letters written by Edna Rudolph, a teacher who spent her summers traveling the world and writing home about it. Each letter is housed in an atlas envelope of the country she was visiting at the time. The envelopes are folded using Hedi Kyle's method and sewn into the spine of the book. This book was shown at Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad, CA and the Carmel Valley Library in CA.

"Red Routes" is an origami folded single sheet of orange paper that forms pockets to hold the twist folded map squares. I tried to find map sections with red lines that moved around the piece.

 "Crossover" uses several techniques, including folded vellum with text cut and carefully inserted in each pleat in the shape of a river with an accompanying map of the same river with punched holes showing the relative width of the river as it meanders along. This piece traveled around the country last year as part of San Diego Book Arts member shows at Cerritos Library in Orange County, CA and the Graficas Gallery on Nantucket.

"Meeting Creek is a river in Kentucky that has a nice shape. It was cut into the pleated vellum and a vellum river is overlaid on the map of Kentucky. This tin box used to hold watercolors.

 I worked on a series of cut maps in which I carefully cut out everything but the roads on maps and then inserted them in bottles. I like the shadows the paper casts in the light that shines through them. The one above is called "Nesting" and the two below are "Network I and II." The maps came from an old travel guide on England and each map is from a different city.

I created this map house and origami inside tea bags for a friend who kindly gave me the tea in the first place. The lovely triangular mesh tea bags just begged to be used for something creative.

Finally, here is a close up of "Entanglement." This is a single sheet of map paper folded accordion style, with cut windows that are then folded into cranes and their heads are entwined. I invented this crane creation by combining several different techniques. It was shown at CODEX 2013 in Richmond, CA.